~ about me ~

Passionate in the backend software development and I’m also a regular Web Developer. In the 2012 I opened my own small company named omniproject.pl which was focused on building websites and dedicated applications.

I have build my first page in 2001 and since then I worked incessantly to increase my knowledge of PHP and HTML. At the beginning of my career I was creating lots of my own frameworks to use it with my apps. At this moment I use Symfony as a foundation to all of my complex solutions.

I love to use Git and some of my open source projects are hosted on GitHub. If you are fluent in Polish you can also visit my private page on which I’m also publishing my other - not IT related - projects.

~ key skills/experience ~


Yes, I was born in the beginning of the 80’s and it was my first programming language used on Commoder 64 personal computer.

Turbo Pascal

MS-DOS based Pascal compiler. It was quite popular in the late 90’s in Poland. It was my first known language that I have learned on my first PC.


I choose this language as a natural successor of programming in Pascal. Thanks to Delphi I was able to create my first application in Microsoft Windows environment.

Web Store

Open source application which allows to easily create HTML containers. Such packages contains compressed web pages and a simple browser. Application works on any Windows version (Administrator rights are not required).

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FTP Ripper

This open source app allowing to create mirror backups of any FTP servers content. Operation is executed as one batch process. You can easily add new server to list by modifying *.ini file. Downloaded files can be then compressed using external applications (eg. RAR). Project is still in beta stage.

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Windows software for chemistry learning. Main goal was to create package of useful tools for students and teachers (please, have a look on the C# section below where I’ve wrote about succesor of Chemix).

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Free Windows audio stream player of Kontestacja.com - the Polish language liberty radio station. Small yet powerful application dedicated to all radio fans. Application is working in background, you can use global keys for switching radio on/off. It has many customisation options and utilities (scheduler, skins support, logger etc.). Since 2017 program is not maintained anymore.

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Magic Autorun

Useful application made for easy building of Windows autorun menus. Application allows to create startup menus launched when CD or DVD is inserted into an optical drive. App like this was useful on Windows 9x/XP when autorun option was enabled by default. Since 2019 program is not maintained anymore.

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C# and .NET

C# is a natural successor of programming in Windows and using RAD tools. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Windows Application Development with Microsoft .NET 4. I’m speciallized in deskop apps development.

Chemix .NET

Windows software for chemistry learning. Main goal was to create package of useful tools for students and teachers. Chemix .NET has a modular architecture allowing to extend program functionality by adding custom modules. This is a natural succesor of Chemix app written in Delphi in 2001 year (see Delphi section above).

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Free Windows Bible study software. Main goal was to create user friendly and intuitive application allowing to view and compare available Bible translations (at this moment repository contains 139 Bible translations in different languages). Project is under active development.

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I love PHP and since PHP 7 it’s even more fun to use it as a regular platform for all of my apps. As same as I love PHP I love Symfony 3 which introduces lot of good programming practises and solutions to my common tasks. In my spare time I’m writing my own open source libraries to support open source community. Please, have a look on my CachedHttpBl library which solves issues with SPAM harvesters/attackers.

In my past I have developed lot of applications using variety of software and languages.

I’m also a big fan of WordPress. I use this CMS for my clients as well as for some of my private projects (I’m also not afraid to create new WP plugins, eg. LemmeKnow). I have a very good and documented knowledge of eZ Platform (a succesor of eZ Publish CMS) which is built on top of Symfony framework (I’m the author of some official and unofficial bundles dedicated to eZ Platform, eg. PrivacyCookieBundle, ShareButtonsBundle etc.). When working at eZ Systems I was also responsible for maintaining demo products and campany websites.

~ contact me ~

I'm open for new work opportunities. I will be delighted to work on some custom projects as well as to work as an employee in your company. Please, visit my LinkedIn profile to find out what I'm/was doing in my professional career.

You can reach me using contact form or by joining to my LinkedIn network.